Betcris created a web platform for the National Lottery of the Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil in Ecuador in 2015 and things have been running smoothly ever since. Through its Ecuadorian company, Excelsius S.A., the platform has maintained operations consistently and transparently for the past four years and the bookmaker and subsidiary of TV Global Enterprises now wants to develop the platform for use in other Latin American countries following the success it has seen in Ecuador.

During the XVII Congress of the Ibero-American Corporation of State Lotteries and Betting (Cibelae, for its Spanish acronym), which was held last November in Costa Rica, Betcris presented the new platform. Fernando Garita, TV Global Enterprise’s head of business development for Latin America, explained to SBCNews at the time, “This year, we became part of Cibelae as members and, from our debut in Congress, we have set out to actively support and work with state lotteries in the region to boost their growth.

Ecuador’s Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil National Lottery online portal uses the same technology as Betcris, although it offers a catalog of games adapted for the Ecuadorian space and its customers. Among the options offered are products such as video bingo, casino and traditional lottery games with raffles. Recently, the offering was widened, thanks to the addition of sports betting under the Bet593 brand. There are now over 20 casino games available on the platform.

Asserts Garita, “We offer the State Lotteries the possibility of integrating different gaming products into a single platform. This platform that we launched is connected to the lottery point of sale system, which allows users to approach face-to-face stores and make refills and withdrawals to play online. In addition, it has multiple means of payment in local currencies.”

“The objective is to take this personalized service to other countries in the region. We want to be a strategic ally of the Latin American state lotteries and help them provide a differentiated offering, without neglecting the traditional lottery games that are not normally sold on the web,” he adds.

Betcris is in the process of a huge leap forward. It is relaunching its casino product, a project that is expected to be completed next year. In preparation for this monumental expansion, the company has made huge strides and has already signed major agreements with a number of primary gaming content providers. Over the next several months, the platform will be integrated into a number of gaming services as the rollout continues.

Across all of Latin America, there are still hurdles that have to be jumped for online gaming to become widespread. This isn’t too concerning to Garita, or to TV Global Enterprises and Betcris, as they are actively working toward formalized online solutions. One of the main goals of those efforts is to alter the perspective of online gaming by offering campaigns that focus on education and information distribution. “We have to educate consumers, banks, governments and regulatory bodies so that they understand that the game is a productive sector like any other, which provides economic resources for health, education and security,” explains Garita.