This Friday, March 11, 2022, Betcris and the Municipal CSD make the signing of a new high-quality commercial alliance official. Betcris, the leading online bookmaker in the market that provides fans with a safe and legal platform for sports betting throughout the region, mainly for those who closely follow soccer and American football; offers an easy and accessible payment system promoting a local betting culture.

Betcris is an ally of major sports leagues, such is the case of the NFL and MLB as well as national teams such as Mexico and Ecuador. He currently sponsors the Pro Leagues in Ecuador and Honduras, both in the first divisions of soccer. With conviction and high expectations, he has joined big clubs and sports personalities to now join the great red family for the next 3 years.

Gerardo Villa, president of the crimson institution, explained that this alliance of two leading brands “means a winning bet, since both strengthen each other. By having the support and sponsorship of Betcris, the Municipal Club reinforces its sporting potential for its continuous search for triumphs and titles both nationally and internationally”.

Just as the reds have done for 85 years, Betcris has focused on actions that drive sports activity. José Edwin Villarreal, Director of Global Marketing of Betcris, indicated that “for the company it is an honor to become part of the red family of the Municipal. It is a club with an enormous historical tradition and that, like Betcris, always competes to maintain a leadership position, with which we identify. In addition, we believe that supporting sport in all the markets in which we are present is essential for the development of the community”.

The brand has found coincidences in its values with those of the pampered of the fans, those that make it a successful, serious, and committed institution with soccer in Guatemala, in addition Betcris recognizes the passion of the scarlet fans, therefore it has given its vote trustworthy to join our ranks and bet on great achievements in a long-term relationship.