Betcris is celebrating its second anniversary in Brazil following a string of successes in the country. The leading Latin American sportsbook and gaming operator started operations in Brazil in August 2020 and expects to continue operations as the country continues to embrace gaming and sports betting.

Betcris has had a very successful year, growing its portfolio of brands and products on offer, as well as expanding its reach. It has also been instrumental in driving innovation within the Brazilian gaming industry. With new legislation and regulations coming to drive the next chapter of the country’s gaming industry, Betcris is excited to see what lies ahead.

Betcris Marketing & Content Coordinator Paula Carvalho said, “We are delighted to be celebrating our second anniversary in Brazil. This is an exciting time for us, with the company continuing to expand both domestically and internationally.”

Betcris is proud to have strong ties with Brazil. The operator has been a sponsor of several very popular sports teams and leagues in the region. Recently, in Brazil, it signed strategic alliances with the football clubs of Ceará and Fortaleza. These two teams are the only ones from the Northeast to participate in the First Division of the 2022 Brazilian Championship.

This year, Betcris took five Fortaleza fans and five Ceará fans to Argentina for memorable games, River Plate vs Fortaleza in the Copa Libertadores, and Independiente vs Ceará in the Copa Sudamericana. The promotion was a success, attracting international headlines.

Betcris has continued to expand throughout Latin America, as well as Europe. The goal in all of the markets it serves is to offer users a high-quality service while, at the same time, providing them with competitive sports odds and lineups from around the world. This way, bettors can make informed decisions about which games they want to bet on based on their own research or recommendations from other sources such as news sites or friends.

In Brazil, Betcris continues to look forward to working with its popular ambassadors, soccer star Ronaldinho and multi-sport athlete Natalia Guitler. Both are integral members of the team, and Betcris is honored to be able to consider them part of the family.

Looking ahead, Betcris plans on introducing a number of new initiatives to Brazil, as well as the rest of its markets. Additional promotions and prizes are going to be available that will continue to show why Betcris is the leading gaming operator in all of the markets it serves.