SAGSE Brazil (South American Gaming Suppliers Expo) Talks have taken a leading role in being a channel for information and networking for the growing Latin American gaming industry.

The series of talks, which were initiated by Mongrafie VP Alan Burak, focus on individual countries and how they each are introducing new legislation and regulatory frameworks to guide gambling activity and boost economic support the industry can offer. Following on the success of previous SAGSE Talks, a summit targeting the large Brazil gaming market will be held next Monday, June 15, and Betcris CEO JD Duarte will be one of the featured speakers at the event.

Since their inception, SAGSE Brazil Talks, all of which have been held virtually because of the coronavirus pandemic, have already been organized to cover Argentina, Peru, and Mexico. The upcoming event on Brazil, a country that is often seen as an anchor for further development of Latin America’s gaming market, will incorporate an analysis of the current and the future of the sector, with the panel composed of leading international regulators, operators, and companies.

Betcris recently sponsored the recently-held SAGSE Talks Mexico event, and Duarte was scheduled to be a major part of the discussions. However, business commitments and other obligations required him to change his plans at the last minute, and he wasn’t able to participate. However, Duarte has announced his intention to be available for the upcoming Brazil summit and has made arrangements to ensure his schedule will permit his inclusion.

The Latin American gambling sector is now the fastest-growing market in the world. Its expansion is outpacing that of both Europe and North America, both of which have succumbed to overly-taxing regulations and guidance that make participation in the markets cumbersome. However, Latin America’s market is progressing smoothly and rapidly as countries throughout the region look to the activity as a means of finding economic recovery and stabilization that has eluded them for decades.

The event will be moderated by Magnho José, the director of Magocom, editor of BNLData and the president of Instituto Brasileiro Jogo Legal. In addition, and as in previous summits, Burak and Fernando Polti, a consultant at Global Wizards, will be part of the contingent of speakers. SAGSE Brazil Talks includes global sponsorships by Betcris, Play’N GO and Golden Race, and the assistance of Universal Race, Latamwin, End2End, Fournier, and Bee Cards. It also has institutional support from Fecoljuegos de Colombia, APEJA, SONAJA, the Latin American Association of Games of Chance (ALAJA) and ALEA from Argentina.