On Tuesday, June 2, a new SAGSE Mexico Talks event is scheduled, specifically organized to address the gaming environment in Mexico. These regularly offered summits bring together a virtual panel composed of regulators, operators, and leading international companies with a prominent presence in the country and have proven to be a vital source of information on how the local markets are developing.

This is the fourth edition of the popular gaming-focused conference, and leading Latin American (LatAm) gaming operator Betcris is taking a leading role. The company has become a global sponsor of the events, giving it a powerful strategic marketing alliance that will enable it to continue to expand its operations while providing the world-class acclaim it has come to enjoy.

Betcris is a leader in the online betting industry and has made a clear differentiator through the penetration it has achieved in each market. It is a strong brand that has been working progressively for years. SAGSE (South American Gaming Suppliers Expo) Talks is the evolution towards this new reality, being SAGSE the brand for excellence and benchmarks of the industry in LatAm. This is a worthwhile partnership of brands that will allow the entire LatAm gaming industry to continue its success. The sponsorship Betcris has taken is to be present everywhere SAGSE Talks are held.

Asserts Betcris CEO JD Duarte, “For Betcris, participating as a sponsor in these types of events is of utmost importance since they serve to unite us as an industry. They allow everyone involved an opportunity to learn from each other and work together to improve the industry through collaborative efforts. Having our brand as one of the sponsors sends the right message – that Betcris wants the conditions to be fair for everyone and that, in a well-regulated market, we can all win. Following this line, I am personally excited to participate as a speaker in this edition focused on Mexico, since it is one of our most important markets and where, with hard and responsible work, we have been able to earn the preference of many people, so we can share our experience while learning from the experiences of our colleagues.”

While most people refer to the LatAm market as a single unit, they have to be divided based on their own attributes and regulations. They’re very particular and deserve individual and professional treatment. This is why the SAGSE Talks address each country individually because organizers understand that, although there are many points in common, the problems and advantages of Argentina, for example, are not the same as those offered by Colombia, Peru, Mexico or Brazil.

Adds SAGSE founder Alan Burak, “We were the first to present a new concept for Latin America when it comes to digital events, and we will continue to evolve. We deeply believe in this model, and we know that today, more than ever, we have to accompany operators and manufacturers, demonstrating that conferences and events are at the service of the industry. We want to make our motto for this year palpable: today more than ever #WeAreLatam.”