BOSE 2022 (Sports Betting in Europe 2022) will be held in London in a week, offering a targeted opportunity for sports betting operators and industry insiders to discuss changes in the market. Betcris, the leading sports betting operator, has announced its participation. Global Head of Sportsbook Anders Hauberg Nielsen will be a featured speaker at the event.

Organized by SBC, BOSE 2022 will be an opportunity to bring together different experts who will share ideas to improve the sports betting experience. It will take place at Twickenham Stadium in London from June 8 to 9. The event is preceded by a pre-event networking opportunity on June 7, which will be held at Neverland, Fulham Beach.

Ticket purchase includes access to SBC Connect. With this application, it is possible to attend conferences and enjoy other additional benefits.

As it happens every year, BOSE brings together a number of experts to discuss and share the latest on sports betting. This time, the emphasis will be on the changing nature of the industry.

Betcris is already the leading operator in Latin America, and is expanding into Europe through its first offices in Poland. As it does, its sportsbook operations become stronger.

Nielsen will provide expert insight into how the company continues to grow as a speaker in the “Shifting from player acquisition to retention panel” on the morning of June 9. He will appear alongside Smarkets CMO James Lacey, Crocobet Chairman Emur Mikeladze and Sportradar Director Advertising Sales Global Accounts & Africa Rahoul Kille.

The regulation of online games has given regulated bookmakers more access to markets across the globe. In addition, advances in web technology are changing the landscape of affiliate marketing, the personalization of the betting experience, the level of immersion in games and more.

In that sense, BOSE explores these and other topics through panels given by experts in the area of sports betting. During this conference, they will discuss how it will continue to affect the world of sports betting, given the interest in investing in immersive technologies, greater personalization in the betting process and the creation of unique content to satisfy a dynamic generation of bettors.

Throughout the conference, there will be other panels that will address topics in relation to the latest in the industry. However, new technologies will be the theme that starts the conference by their very nature.