Betcris Sports Gambling Group IBIA.

Leading Latin American games wagering brand Betcris has joined the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA), reinforcing the organization’s monitoring and alert coverage capabilities throughout the LatAm region.

The brand has been owned by TV Global Enterprises Limited since 2006 and offers online sports gambling in various countries across the globe. It is especially solid in the rising LatAm gambling market, where it likewise operates retail gambling shops. Betcris is the second gambling operator to join IBIA since the beginning of 2020, with five having joined last year.

The IBIA is the main worldwide voice on honesty for the legal gambling industry. It is managed by operators, shielding its individuals from corruption through collaborative efforts. The monitoring and alert platform has become a highly effective anti-corruption tool that is capable of detecting and reporting any type of suspicious gambling activity in the markets of its members.

The affiliation has longstanding data sharing agreements with gambling and sports regulators, which have become fundamental for prosecuting individuals found to be involved in corruption in sports. The IBIA is the voice for the industry at high-level strategy forums, including the IOC, the UN, the Council of Europe and the European Commission.

JD Duarte, CEO of Betcris, explains of the decision to become an IBIA member, “One of the main components to our approach to offering a responsible and sustainable business model is integrity, an aspect that has become even more important under the new gambling paradigm caused by the coronavirus.

Being part of an organization dedicated to monitoring and enhancing integrity and transparency in gaming is now essentially a licensing requirement for operating in many countries, as the Brazilian sports gambling laws and other recent legislative developments prove. IBIA is, without a doubt, the global leader on integrity and Betcris is excited about working with it to protect sports and the industry from corruption.”

Betcris has been diligently working on expanding throughout the LatAm region since its inception, and is a primary leader in ensuring legitimacy at both the sports and the sports gambling levels. Through its efforts, the company, headquartered in Costa Rica, has rapidly become a pillar of responsible gaming.

Khalid Ali, CEO of the International Betting Integrity Association, explains of Betcris’s inclusion, “I’m delighted to welcome one of the leading sports betting brands in Latin America to IBIA.

Betcris is a major investor in sport with a number of sponsorship deals in place, including the Brasileiro Série A, and is well-placed to strengthen our monitoring coverage of existing and emerging markets in the region. I hope that other LatAm operators will follow Betcris’ example and highlight their commitment to integrity by also joining the world’s largest operator-run sports betting association.”