The company specializing in youth employability data, FirstJob, revealed the results of the Employers For Youth (EFY) 2022 study, which was held for the third consecutive year in the Dominican Republic and placed Betcris in the Top 5 of the Best Companies for Young Professionals.

More than 2,250 young professionals from 25 companies in the Dominican Republic participated in the study. In addition, it is applied in another 15 countries in Latin America and Europe to young people up to 35 years of age in participating companies. The 10 dimensions evaluated were: recognition, talent, innovation, infrastructure, quality of life, career development, benefits, work environment, reputation and diversity, and culture.

For Liliana Viveros, Country Manager of Betcris in the Dominican Republic, “Betcris is proud to achieve this position in the Top 5 because it shows us that we are doing things well, working for the organization and as a team, and with a human capital willing always to give the extra mile.”

This ranking of the best companies for young professionals is not only an external recognition of the chosen companies. Instead, it is based on an analysis of anonymous surveys of employees at each company. Employees rate the company in the 10 dimensions mentioned above.

Betcris has stood out not only for being one of the most recognized betting companies in Latin America but is committed to shaping the industry throughout the region, participating in the efforts of all countries to develop regulated gaming industries. In addition to driving the market, it also supports the communities it serves. This includes being part of the external community and participating in your employees’ well-being. This mantra is reflected in recent awards, reaffirming Betcris’ leadership.

Betcris received the official Great Place to Work ® certification in September 2021 at its corporate headquarters in Costa Rica. In addition, at the beginning of 2022, it was ranked number 7 in The Best Places to Work in Costa Rica, Top 15 in Central America, and Top 15 in the Best Small and Medium Companies to Work for in Latin America.