There are two things that are really popular in Mexico – sports and sports gambling. Soccer has always been a major part of the sports industry and the NFL and NBA have spent the past couple of decades introducing games to the country, as well. That continues with two NBA games that are coming to Arena Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City next week, and leading sportsbook Betcris is embracing the action with open arms.

The first game will be held on December 12 and will see the Detroit Pistons face off against the Dallas Mavericks. This is an interconference game between two teams that are looking to improve in their rankings. This game, just like the second, is a regular-season contest that counts on a run for the playoffs; neither game is just for exhibition purposes.

The second game will take place two days later when the Phoenix Suns, complete with their “Los Suns Noche” City Edition uniform, take on the San Antonio Spurs. This is a Western Conference matchup with a lot at stake for the winner. Both teams are currently in the middle of the rankings and a win will help give either team a much-needed boost.

The NBA made its first visit to Mexico for regular season games in 1992. Since then, it has held 28 contests and, for the past four years, has had two each year. After the US and Canada, Mexico ranks as the country with the greatest number of NBA games each season. Last year, the Orlando Magic took on the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz south of the border, walking away as champs in both of the games.

With the continued increase in popularity of the NBA in Mexico, it’s possible that more games will be held there in the future, and that a franchise or two could be added, as well. Watching all of the action closely is sportsbook Betcris, a subsidiary of TV Global Enterprises. It is the leading sportsbook across all of Latin America and has a presence that is rooted in its ability to provide transparent and fair sports wagering opportunities.

As the NBA prepares for these two important games next week, Betcris is on hand to help those looking to place their bets. The operator has several retail sportsbooks established throughout the country, as well as an online presence that has attracted a lot of attention. Next week is certainly going to draw a lot of betting action and Betcris is ready for gamblers to earn some extra money heading into the final days of the year.