Betcris, the leading online gambling platform through Latin America, has continued to expand and has seen incredible growth over the past couple of years. In many ways, the popularity of the company’s offerings has exceeded expectations and Betcris hasn’t been able to keep up with the growth. That is all changing now, as the company has introduced a series of updates, features and additions that are all designed to make interaction with its users easier and friendlier.

One of the changes includes the launch of a new website, Betcris News. is being launched this week and is designed to cover an array of hot topics from across the entire gaming industry. It will include events, partnerships, deals and much more, all designed to give gambling fans access to the latest information that is driving the industry.

Along with the new site, Betcris will have a new logo. It is similar to the previous one that has been in place for years, but has been designed as a streamlined variation that is more appealing. That logo has already been introduced.

The parent company of Betcris, TV Global Enterprises, Ltd., (TVGE) is also getting in on the action. New profiles on several social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, will now be found, creating more avenues for coverage of what’s going on in the industry, as well as in the company. These channels will give TVGE, as well as Betcris, the ability to be in better touch with users and allow it to serve the gaming community even better.

Begin looking for TVGE ads to appear on the LinkedIn website, as well. The Malta-licensed company has begun to promote its activities on the global networking platform and is looking to capitalize on the millions of viewers that LinkedIn sees each day.

To help with the efforts, TVGE has attracted some serious talent to oversee its online media efforts. The company has announced the hiring of Luis Madrigal to spearhead this campaign and to help develop the online material. Madrigal has an M.S. in Digital Media and a B.S. in Journalism, and comes equipped with a creative mind and a lot of experience in the print and digital marketing spaces.

All of these efforts are commitments from TVGE and Betcris to provide better engagement with the communities it serves. As gaming continues to spread throughout the world, the two have already made a name for themselves and are determined to provide the best possible experience to everyone who comes in contact with the platforms.