Betcris, the leading online gambling platform in Central and South America, is hard at work providing gambling solutions that gamblers have been requesting for some time. The company, owned by Malta-licensed TV Global Enterprises, LTD, continuously looks for feedback from the community and determines how best to implement suggested changes. One of these has been offline betting kiosks, which are now being rolled out across the entire region. The move is paying off and the company is picking up the pace on its expansion efforts throughout all of Latin America (LatAm).

Betcris is already hugely popular across LatAm as a result of its dedication to the development of strong and legitimate gambling solutions that gamblers can trust. The company has grown significantly since its inception and, in particular, over the past 12 years. That growth has come from a unique ability to provide solutions that appeal to gamblers and the new kiosks add to the company’s strengths.

The kiosks are starting to appear in different areas where the company has an established presence and more are going to be introduced as Betcris gauges the response. It is working closely with regulators in various countries to ensure that the gambling solutions do not violate any local laws or regulations and there have not yet been any issues or concerns with the machines.

This is just the latest step in the company’s continued expansion across the region, driven by its popularity with gamblers. Sports betting has always been at the core of its operations, but Betcris has been venturing out into other forms of gambling, like online casino games, and the results have been highly successful. As it looks to be inspiration for how other gambling companies offer their own products, Betcris is setting the bar high for what should be expected and will continue to do so as it reaches more LatAm countries.

The CEO of Betcris, JD Duarte, explained recently, “We already have a healthy footprint in LatAm, the strongest in fact. My goal is now to defend this position and strengthen our presence in existing markets while looking to add the ones we were missing due to a lack of local regulation. Brazil and Argentina represent big opportunities for us and we are ready to seize them when the time comes.”