March and April should be two of the prime months for sports wagering. Typically, there is the NCAA March Madness, with a lot of heavy betting activity, and the Masters, the greatest golf competition of the year. There is also the appearance of the NBA Finals and the MLB Opening Day – plenty of options for gambling fans. However, presently, because of the coronavirus, all of that action has been suspended. Sports bettors were left with a bunch of bizarre choices, such as Belarusian soccer and, for some time, Australian rules football. Then, out of nowhere, ping pong showed up and became an instant hit with both sports fans and gamblers. In order to respond to the sudden craze, Betcris, Latin America’s leading gaming operator, has announced that it is now providing odds for various ping pong matches from around the world.

This is just the latest initiative created by Betcris to respond to the requests of its users, and the sports gambling community, in general. Ping pong, or table tennis as it is also known, has now entered an entirely new era of popularity, propelled by the global lockdown on sports contests, and interest is at levels never seen before. As Oscar Brenes, the chief operating officer of Betcris, explains, “Betting on ping-pong is the latest sports betting trend at Betcris during the Covid-19 pandemic. With it, the good thing is we offer streaming and more than 3,000 customers have already placed bets on the action since March 16th. To put things in perspective, with over 20,000 bets, the volume is three times that of eSports’ Counter-Strike.”

For those who have never bet on ping pong, it’s important to understand the way the game works. When wagering on golf, it is normal to try to figure out how the players will perform before making bets. Most would expect that the top players would compete at the highest point of their game, without paying attention to the event. Everybody realizes that the Masters (or some other major) will draw out the best in golf players in ways that no other competition can.

In table tennis, a similar idea additionally applies. Like other individual games, such as standard tennis and the previously mentioned golf, table tennis has its own arrangement of massive competitions. These are where top players will, in general, shine, and a portion of the lesser-known players battle will look to move up.

Points are won by a player when their adversary can’t return a shot or a player’s shot either hits the net or doesn’t land on the table. A player is additionally given two tries to finish an effective serve, or a point will be granted to their adversary. A game is a victory for the first player to arrive at 11 points, as long as he or she has a two-point lead on the competitor.

If a player arrives at 11 points with a lead less than two points, there will be a tie-breaker between the two until one player opens a two-point hole. Matches are then chosen in a best-of-five game configuration – first to three, for instance – or best of seven in significant competitions.

As with other sports, ping pong also has its over/under, futures, parlays and standard line bets. Betcris has prepared a range of gambling action to keep its users entertained, and will continue to unveil new offerings in accordance with market demands.