Betcris is a leading sports gambling operator in Latin America, but not just because it has developed a platform that is easy to use and versatile. It is at the top of the list because it also dedicates resources to developing the industry throughout the region, ensuring a transparent market that satisfies the requirements of regulators, as well as customers. In continuing to help shape the future of sports gambling and iGaming in Latin America, as well as providing tools that can be beneficial elsewhere in the world, Betcris has once again played a key role in LivePerson’s rollout of its conversational artificial intelligence (AI).

Partnering with LivePerson, Betcris played an important role in the development and launch of LivePerson’s Spanish Natural Language Understanding (NLU) machine learning (ML). Before piloting the customer service solution and LivePerson’s full AI-suite, identifying and building out intents and automation was a manual process. The Betcris team would have to painstakingly review chat transcripts to identify common intents. Because the Spanish language is so complex and regionally variable, it was incredibly difficult to build automation instances for their broader audience.

This is changing because of LivePerson’s NLU, which relies on AI and ML to facilitate customer interaction. Betcris was instrumental in advancing the technology, producing results that make NLU cleaner, faster and more accurate. Through the operator’s involvement, it has classified and created 29 new intents and gathered over 100 phrases from agents using LivePerson’s AI Annotator. More than half of those are used to train the NLU. In addition, Betcris improved the classified rate by 15% in five weeks with a 91% confidence score and built automation fully containing 27% of conversations.

Says Chris Radanovic, Conversational AI Expert at LivePerson, “Betcris has been an outstanding partner at every stage of the development and launch of LivePerson’s Spanish-language NLU. The combination of their diligence and dedication to amazing customer experiences with our suite of innovative AI tools has already produced incredible results, and we’re excited to build on our successes to date.”

The sensitive nature and high-stakes action of sports betting requires operators to be able to respond rapidly to customers’ needs while providing a secure communications environment. Betcris is focused on delivering outstanding experiences to its customers quickly and accurately and, to accomplish this, the operator wanted a tool that could identify consumers’ intents. This helps Betcris understand not only why customers have contacted them, but also which topics are best suited for live support and which can be addressed through thoughtful automation.

This led to the interaction between Betcris and LivePerson, and the improvement of AI conversational tools that are able to more accurately address customer concerns. Using LivePerson’s Intent Analyzer, the Betcris team was able to identify common phrases quickly, build intents around them and create automation for the next scheduled maintenance to avoid unnecessary contact with agents. In addition, the team has been able to respond quickly to website issues, receiving alerts when some pages are not properly loading the site maintenance messaging. This allows Betcris greater flexibility to fix any issues as soon as they appear.

As a result of the hard work and dedication, Betcris now has over 100 bots available in Spanish, English and Portuguese. They are all now live and ready to answer common customer queries and, as the company’s attention to customer service remains a primary focus, Betcris will use Intent Analyzer and LivePerson’s AI suite to create even more intents and automation flows that allow the operator to service its global customers. Betcris customers are in good hands with quick, efficient support from bots, but with human agents who are always ready to support more complex matters.

LivePerson is dedicated to the production of AI solutions for improved customer service. Its Conversational Cloud platform allows consumers to avoid wasting time on a phone call as they wait to speak with a representative, or sifting through multiple web pages and messages to find the information they need. The company has 18,000 customers around the world, including brands such as HSBC, Orange, GM Financial and The Home Depot, all of which have embraced the company’s AI solutions to offer a convenient, deeply personal relationship with their customers. LivePerson was named to Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies list in 2020 and is a founding member of EqualAI.