One of the best metrics to gauge the effectiveness of a company is how it measures up with its internal operations. Studies have shown that a company that develops an inviting culture for its workforce will be more productive and successful. For years, companies around the world have turned to A Great Place to Work to find out if it measures up to the exacting standards that identify a leading company. This year, Betcris, Latin America’s leading operator, submitted its qualifications and, in September, became the recipient of the official A Great Place to Work certification to its headquarters in Costa Rica.

Great Place to Work has been recognized as the world’s authority on workplace culture, employee experience, and leadership. The certification signifies that the company’s leadership behavior has been proven to increase employee retention, market-leading revenue and innovation.

It is not easy to earn the Great Place to Work certification. It requires a constant commitment to employee experience. However, this is the only official recognition that can be determined from employees’ real-time reports about their company culture. This designation signifies that Betcris is one of the most desirable companies to work for.

Explains Wendy Bermudez, Talent Manager for Betcris, “Definitively having the certification as a Great Place to Work is a recognition that the company is dedicated to focusing on people. That’s definitely going to help us in attracting talent. It also helps us internally and reflects the efforts we have in the process of recruitment since our turnover is very low. People who enter the organization really stay with us for a very long time. For the brand, it also gives it prestige.”

The Great Place to Work certification is a recognition of a company’s ambitions to do greater things. This certification is the only one that is based solely on employees’ experiences at work. It focuses on how trust-friendly their workplace has been. Employers and employees alike recognize Great Place to Work certification as the benchmark for recognizing exceptional employee experiences. More than 10,000 companies from 60 countries apply each year to be Great Place to Work-Certified.

Betcris has long been identified as the leading sports betting operator in Latin America, helping shape the industry throughout the region. It has been actively involved in every country’s efforts to develop regulated gaming industries and has been an intrinsic part of the efforts. In addition to driving the market forward, it is also supportive of the communities it serves. This includes not only being a part of the external community, but also being involved in its employees’ well-being. This mantra is reflected in its receiving the Great Place to Work certification.