2022 continues to bring good news for Betcris, the leading sports betting and online gaming operator in Latin America. Every year Great Place to Work® recognizes the best companies to work for in each country and in each region. This year Betcris is in the seventh position of The Best Places to Work in Costa Rica and thirteenth in Central America.

This ranking of the best companies to work for, created by Great Place to Work®, is not only an external recognition of the chosen companies. Rather, it is based on an extensive process of anonymous surveys of the employees of each company. Employees rate the company on key elements such as camaraderie, trust, inclusion, fairness, sense of belonging and respect.

“We cannot be prouder to be among the 10 best companies to work for in Costa Rica and in position 13 in Central America. This is the first time that Betcris has undergone this process and it was more successful than we expected. At Betcris we put our collaborators first, and this result shows that we are doing things right and together we can continue adding recognition as a team,” said Wendy Bermúdez, Corporate Manager of Human Talent at Betcris.

Great Place to Work® has been recognized as the global authority on workplace culture, employee experience and leadership. Betcris received the official Great Place to Work® certification in September 2021, at its corporate headquarters in Costa Rica, and from that moment the qualification process began, which today places the betting operator in a privileged position in work culture.

Betcris has stood out not only for being one of the most recognized betting companies in Latin America but is committed to shaping the industry throughout the region, participating in the efforts of all countries to develop regulated gaming industries and has been an intrinsic part of the efforts. In addition to driving the market, it also supports the communities it serves. This includes not only being part of the external community, but also participating in the well-being of your employees. This mantra is reflected in the awards received in recent months, reaffirming Betcris’ leadership.