This Tuesday, March 22, 2022, Betcris and Club Xelajú MC signed a new sponsorship agreement that includes the renowned Guatemalan club in the prestigious family of international sponsorships of the leading online sports betting company.

Betcris is the most recognized online sports betting company in Latin America, thanks to its 22-year history and presence in the most relevant markets in the area. The company provides its services to sports betting fans with an easy, accessible, and secure payment system.

The Xelajú MC club has achieved five National League titles , three Cup tournaments and one Champion of Champions Cup. Historically, it is the fourth team with the most titles in Guatemala.

The presentation of this new alliance with Club Xelajú MC demonstrates the commitment that Betcris maintains with the development of Guatemalan soccer where it already has contracts with Antigua FC and CSD Municipal.

José Edwin Villarreal, Director of Global Marketing at Betcris, indicated that “part of Betcris’ strategy is to ally with leading brands in the market, with whom we agree on our values. The Xelajú meets our demands. Both brands seek to develop Guatemalan soccer and take it to very high levels. Betcris is proud to be part of this process.”

Betcris is an ally of major sports leagues, such is the case of the NFL and MLB as well as national teams such as Mexico and Ecuador. It currently sponsors the Pro Leagues in Ecuador and Honduras, both in the first divisions of soccer.

José Carlos López, president of Club Xelajú MC, explained that “the alliance between Club Xelajú MC and Betcris means an important step for both brands, where we seek profit. Xelajú MC is one of the teams with the greatest support at the national level and we trust that it will be the beginning of an important link with Betcris”.

Club Xelajú and Betcris have signed this new association for the next 3 years, in which they will work hand in hand for the improvement of soccer and the experience of Guatemalan fans.