Betcris has introduced live horse racing in Ecuador after users in Ecuador showed considerable interest in the topic,

Betcris continuously explores new options to include in its growing portfolio. Based on recommendations and feedback from its users, the operator presents alternatives that have been highlighted as popular choices from the community.

With each region having different preferences of the type of offerings available, Betcris often has to adjust the list to cater to specific markets.

The races take place at Ecuador’s National Miguel Salem Dibo Hippodrome. The local horse racing lines are already available and are open exclusively for the Ecuadorian market.

The history of horse racing dates back to when people utilized animals as a means of transportation. The entirety of the horse races watched today offer different kinds of redirection and exposure to their fans.

Huge races happen each year around the globe, and there will never be a lack of spectators that gather to watch the competitions. They are stimulated to share in the excitement and surge that the races give.

For Betcris, this is an exciting step forward as it continues to establish a strong presence across the LatAm region. Within this great advance in national equestrianism, there is the possibility to offer entertainment options not possible previously in Ecuador. Get the best horse racing in Ecuador.

To facilitate the introduction, Betcris has turned to United Tote, a supplier of pari-mutuel products and services based out of Kentucky, to achieve the best and highest game standards for horse tracks.

There are live broadcasts from the horse track every Sunday on local TVCable channels 216 and 750 (HD), as well as the Horse Racing in Ecuador track’s YouTube channel, Hipodromo Nacional Miguel Salem Dibo.