Betcris never stops, learn about Betcrisnews. Betcris has already established itself as the leading sports gambling and gaming operator in Latin America but is never finished introducing new features and options.

The company is highly regarded throughout the region for its commitment to providing a superior customer experience and its goal of creating a robust and integrity-driven market, which has helped it develop several high-profile partnerships.

As it continues to show its support for LatAm gaming operations, even during the global COVID-19 pandemic, Betcris ensures it offers a place to provide company and industry updates that is easily accessible, and continuously works to provide more content through its Betcrisnews web portal.

Betcris News was launched in October 2019, as a way for the operator to share information with the gaming industry regarding what is going on behind the scenes, as well as at the forefront. It is frequently updated to ensure current and informative content is available, including details on regulatory movement, social responsibility, product development, and more.

It also provides access to sports news and gambling odds, providing viewers with a wide scope of information pertaining to the sports gambling industry. With Latin America currently the fastest-growing gaming market, having a dedicated portal is important to address the changing industry.

The site is supported by a team of web and gaming professionals who are constantly providing new and important data that is relevant to the evolving gaming industry in Latin America.

It was created to offer an enhanced user experience that makes for easy transition between desktop and mobile platforms through a user-centric format that includes multimedia content and easy-to-read news pieces.

As the technology behind website development evolves, so does the site, constantly providing a more appealing solution to gaming executives, industry leaders, and others.

BetcrisNews is accessible from any platform, including PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. Currently, there is information, categorized by month, on how the LatAm market is evolving and how Betcris is facing the challenges of COVID-19, among other, highly valuable content, and more is being included on a regular basis.

As the site continues to be updated, it will not only allow Betcris to bring new knowledge and experiences in gaming but also new ways of approaching and solving issues, complemented by the strengths of the operator. This will ultimately help Betcris serve the gaming community better while increasing profitability and continuing to lead the way for a broad and robust Latin American gaming market.