As Betcris, the leading sports gambling and online gaming operator in Latin America, continues to grow, it Betcris, the leading sports betting and iGaming operator in Latin America, is constantly exploring new methods for creating a better user experience. In addition to innovative gaming solutions that have helped the operator increase its footprint, Betcris is constantly delivering solutions in other operational areas that provide user-driven satisfaction. Its latest initiative centers on enhanced payments, and Betcris has continue to work with SafetyPay to give its users alternative and secure payment methods that facilitate smooth and instant deposits.

Historically, credit and debit cards have been the most common methods used for depositing money into online gaming accounts. However, with security always a concern, Betcris has initiated a new system through SafetyPay that provides another level of protection for its users. Now, Betcris users can make deposits through a bank transfer or cash using SafetyPay, avoiding any potential risks of private data being intercepted.

According to Gustavo Ruiz Moya, CEO of SafetyPay, “By accepting alternative forms of payment powered by SafetyPay, Betcris expands its customer base by providing access to people around the world that either do not have credit cards or have them but do not want to use them online. Powering secure payments is a core focus for SafetyPay. Using the latest technology, we’re able to better protect our customers – both consumers and merchants – and provide the best experience when they transact online.”

SafetyPay uses a secure connection with banking institutions that allows users to enter their banking credentials to complete safe and secure transactions. Deposits in a Betcris account are automatically converted into the local currency of the player, and the funds are immediately made available once the transaction is complete. Because users don’t have to share any personal information or details, they are given a risk-free alternative to credit and debit cards to make the online gaming experience more enjoyable.

In addition to allowing Betcris users to make deposits without having to use their credit or debit cards, the integration of SafetyPay also means that the operator can reach more customers. In particular, those individuals who do not have a card can use the platform, either by making a transfer from their bank account or by using one of the more than 200,000 SafetyPay cash collection points located in 18 countries around the world. According to data provided by SafetyPay, the company has the largest payments network in Latin America, with access to more than 90% of the banks in the region.