Last month, Betcris, the leading sports gambling and Last month, Betcris, the leading sports gambling and gaming operator in Latin America, announced that it had been selected to join an exclusive new organization, SBC Leaders.

The group was formed in order to develop policies that would shape the future of the gaming industry, and Betcris was one of the first to be included. Now, with the new year has arrived, SBC Leaders is beginning to establish its schedule of exclusive member events, with two important activities already added to the list.

The first event will be held on February 9, the Virtual Blue Sky Round Table. The purpose of the 90-minute meeting is for SBC Leaders to discuss key global issues, opportunities and hazards that are expected to be seen by gaming operators this year. Per a description shared with SBC Leaders members, “This is a chance to share ideas and network with the world’s largest and most successful businesses in the industry. The format will be a free-flowing discussion under the Chatham House Rule.” That format allows anyone attending a meeting to use information from that meeting for future use, but prohibits the identification of the person who shared it.

The second event already put on the schedule is the SBC Leaders Annual Meeting and Networking get-together, which will take place on September 21. It is expected that the event will be held live, provided the global COVID-19 threat has diminished. If it is, the meeting will take place in Barcelona Spain. This will be “an exclusive private keynote address and networking event” that will coincide with the first day of the SBC Summit this year, which will take place at the same location. As the date approaches, and the global COVID-19 situation at that time is better understood, SBC will provide more details about the Annual Meeting, as well as the Summit.

SBC Leaders

Last month, Betcris announced that it had been selected to join an exclusive new organization, SBC Leaders.

SBC Leaders was formed by SBC in an effort to provide greater cohesion among the different components in the global gaming space. Inclusion in the group is based on a number of criteria, including operator proficiency in safer gambling and customer care and innovation in the areas of product and technology. Outstanding corporate social responsibility is required, as well, and all of these traits are inherent to the Betcris business model.

In addition to these events, SBC Leaders is preparing to launch its inaugural podcast series. The first episode of the new SBC Leaders Podcast will be introduced in February and all of the episodes are expected to include interviews with key gaming executives in an “intimate yet lighthearted” setting. More details on the podcast will be released as they’re made available.