As one of the leaders in the gaming industry, not only online but also with a physical presence in several countries across Latin America, Betcris, has presented the numbers for the past 12-month period. With 2019 concluded, and before immersing deeper into a new year focused on reaching the set goals for a new year, it is important to look back to evaluate the current situation and find potential areas of improvement. It is also equally important to celebrate past accomplishments and ensure the ship is sailing in the right direction.

It was a significant year for Betcris, starting with a solid marketing strategy that always aims to maintain a constant brand presence alongside the most important sports action. New sponsorships came on board and partnerships were signed, and one of the most attractive deals in 2019 was the new addition to the Betcris family of a celebrity from the most popular sport in the globe, soccer. World-recognized and former Brazilian soccer star — also one of the most talented players of all times — Ronaldinho, signed a deal to represent Betcris as one of the brand’s delegates.

To continue with the purpose of boosting its presence in another major soccer market, Betcris also signed an agreement with the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) to not only be the official betting site of the Mexican National Soccer Team, but to become one of the team’s sponsors. Betcris continues to transform into a world-recognized brand by optimizing its services and unique promotions that stand apart from the competition and contributes to the intention of becoming a widespread brand across the Latin American market.

There were other aspects that made 2019 a great year for Betcris and one of the highlights of this financial period is the many months in which the hard work paid off with records in certain benchmarks shattered, evidence of solid growth. Historical numbers of new signups during the 2019 period held a steady increase in the month-to-month figures, leading the company to reach new highs in overall deposits.

Betcris maintains a state-of-the-art platform that constantly develops into offering more and faster ways to deposit funds. Another win for the company, following up on the 2019 figures, is the overall annual growth compared to the previous year. A total of 30% was the year-over-year reported increase in revenue, which can be attributed to all the strategies implemented.

The bar has been raised even higher for 2020 and the leaders of the company are thrilled about the current results. They’re also clear on the company’s vision, according to Betcris CEO JD Duarte. He explains, “2019 was a great year for Betcris, not only because of the record in account openings and the months that we broke historical records in deposits, but we also signed important sponsorships such as Ronaldinho as our ambassador and as the official betting house of the major selection of Soccer of Mexico among others. We celebrate these achievements, but they also motivate us to continue working harder to continue being the best online gaming option in Latin America.”