Even though Betcris is the leading sports wagering company in Latin American, the Latin gambling industry has a lot to offer and continues to expand at a rapid rate. However, there are still a lot of possibilities available as new markets open and new activity comes online.

In an upcoming session of iGaming NEXT’s Power Hour, the subject of Latin America’s gaming opportunities will be discussed. On hand will be Fernando Garita, the Business Development Manager of Latin America’s leading sports gambling and online gaming operator, Betcris.

Titled “Latin America: The untapped opportunity?,” the session focuses on the Latin American gaming market, often considered one of the last, and most lucrative, locations for the iGaming industry to develop. Certain markets throughout the region are already seeing exponential growth, and others are beginning to join them.

As a result, there are many countries in Latin America that favor developing responsible regulations that will lead to increased levels of growth in the future.

The upcoming session is designed to highlight the progression, adoption, and evolution of mobile gaming across Latin America. It will be held on Friday, July 2 at 3:30 p.m. Central European Summer Time (CEST), and will be moderated by Fabiola Jaeger, the co-founder, and CEO of Caleta Gaming.

Discussing the changing environment of the Latin American iGaming industry alongside Betcris‘s Garita will be Caleta’s Head of Sales, Hugo Baungartner.

Jaegar, with 11 years in the industry and extensive success in building online and mobile gaming solutions, will complete the circle to make this an extremely important session to understand the future of iGaming in Latin America.

Garita has extensive experience in opening new gaming markets across Latin America and Asia. This has merged well with his expertise in strategic planning as Betcris continues to help shape the gaming industry across Latin America.

His professional analysis and involvement in the industry will work well with Baungartner’s experience and knowledge, which have also been cultivated in the Latin American market.

This is the 14th session of iGaming NEXT’s Power Hour, which has continued to draw larger crowds with each episode. They are held on the first Friday of each month, with over 400 viewers participating through virtual attendance.

According to iGaming NEXT, “The iGaming NEXT POWER Hour is a short, compact, educational and social digital gathering for a quick update, which brings together the iGaming industry in a unique format by some of the brightest and most connected minds of the industry, sharing their insights … in a highly engaging format where the audience will participate in the discussion by asking questions, chatting and connecting with one another.”