Coming in April, the SBC Digital Summit will be held, giving global gaming operators the opportunity to come together and discuss how events like the coronavirus pandemic are impacting the business. The event calls upon the top experts and thought leaders in the industry, all providing their input on betting and gaming and how to overcome challenging obstacles. JD Duarte, the CEO of leading Latin American gaming operator Betcris, will be one of the key speakers.

The Summit will be held from April 27 to May 1. The five-day event is especially important for the industry, as so many individuals are now in self-isolation as a result of COVID-19. This will be an excellent opportunity for everyone in the gaming community to discuss innovation and to keep the lines of communication open, and offers one of the most comprehensive online gaming agendas ever prepared.

Asserts Duarte, “It is supremely important for the industry to stand together during these hard times, at Betcris we look forward to this event where we can talk about the new challenges and focus on finding solutions.”

3,000 operators, 140 speakers and more than 10,000 attendees are expected to participate in the summit. It will cover topics such as leadership in gaming and betting, the Latin American gaming market, payments, digital marketing and more, providing a highly in-depth view of the constantly changing gaming market.

Betcris CEO JD Duarte to speak at the SBC Digital Summit

The coronavirus outbreak has impacted the global economy, but few industries have suffered to the degree seen by the gaming community. In many parts of the world, gambling of all forms has come to a virtual standstill, resulting in an aggregate loss of millions of dollars in revenue each day. While online gaming is still a possibility, jurisdictional restrictions result in the industry not being able to provide its services to the same ample customer field as what is found with physical gambling venues.

It’s possible that the coronavirus becomes an impetus for further change in the online gaming industry and could lead to further legalization around the world. More than ever, gaming operators have an opportunity to completely shape how the industry is created and how it performs, and the SBC Digital Summit is going to be serve as a virtual springboard to allow that to happen.

Betcris, like many other companies, has felt the impact of COVID-19, but is taking measures to ensure that it is not only able to maintain operational integrity, but that it protects its employees, as well. The company is allowing many in its workforce to now work from home, connecting remotely to the company’s network via secure remote connections, as they continue to serve the company’s customers.