As part of its commitment to fight the coronavirus pandemic, Latin America’s leading gaming operator, Betcris, has established a policy to allow many of its employees to work from home.

So far, 300 employees are now working remotely, connected to the company’s network of computers and servers through secure virtual private networks and holding meetings via teleconferencing.

The measure is just one of several the large gaming provider has taken to protect its employees while ensuring customers can still participate in their usual pastimes.

The newly-implemented policy is consistent with public health guidelines, as well as the company’s desire to protect its employees. It includes plans to address issues around private data, guaranteeing profitability and helping representatives manage the potential psychological well-being issues that may come about because of working at home for extensive stretches. At the same time, Betcris is taking additional measures to disinfect its headquarters, located in Costa Rica, and has sent out memos to all of its operational branches to do the same.

While the idea of working from home may be appealing to some employees, it isn’t always logistically feasible for the employer. Organizations have to know beforehand that remote work is diverse work. Directors should show signs of improvement at making a decision about efficiency by defining and observing explicit objectives instead of utilizing the intermediary of office participation. Workers should receive unprecedented discipline with regards to partitioning their day into profound work, office correspondences, individual time and family life. Representatives should grow new habits, for example, keeping overflowing documentation of each important work communication, with the goal that groups across reality are consistently up to speed on what’s going on elsewhere in the organization. Additionally, managers should standardize more video conferencing and corporate retreats, on the grounds that their representatives will keep on desiring eye to eye collaboration.

Betcris was able to facilitate these remote activities more easily because of its existing network of operations and administrative procedures. By already having established the necessary framework of job functions and responsibilities, and ensuring employees understood the guidelines completely, the company is able to maintain its operational integrity while employees are more geographically distributed.

The coronavirus has disrupted global business on an unprecedented level, and there’s little doubt that recovery is going to take a lot of time. However, companies like Betcris that have been able to prepare themselves for long-term operational stability are going to be in a better position to emerge stronger than ever.