On February 2, the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs met in Miami, FL, to determine who would walk away with the Lombardi Trophy as the winners of Super Bowl LIV. When the final seconds ticked off the game clock, the Chiefs took the win in a hard-fought game and were crowned champs.

Not only was the 31-20 victory a coup for the team, earning its first Super Bowl win in franchise history, but it was also a great day for Betcris customers. The leading Latin American gaming company saw a lot of action, and many gamblers walked away winners.

Helmets for the San Francisco 49ers, and Kansas City Chiefs, opponents in Super Bowl LIV.

The Chiefs had rallied almost the entire season, winning 10 of their final 12 contests ahead of the Super Bowl to finish with a 12-4 record. After a couple of early stumbles, they were listed at +875 to win the NFL Championship, with the Niners a little closer at +860. Betcris customers who began placing wagers when the odds were longer enjoyed a substantial payday as a result of their willingness to take the longshot.

As a result of the performance of the Chiefs, star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who was fundamental in the win, was selected as the game’s MVP. This was also a huge win for some Betcris customers, according to data just released from Betcris, as Mahomes had been given +250 odds to take the honors. On a wager of $200, the profit would have been $500 for a total return of $700.

This year’s Super Bowl was one of the most popular in recent years, especially with bettors. As sports gambling has taken center stage around the world, more action is seen than what has been found previously. This is one of the reasons that the Heads or Tails prop bet for the Super Bowl saw more wagers than any previous coin toss of the season. It’s always why another prop bet, this one on the length of the National Anthem, saw three times more participation than what had been received with previous Super Bowls.

Aerial View on Hard Rock Stadium Super Bowl LIV. Stadium for Miami Open 2020

One prop bet saw curious numbers on Betcris. Traditionally, green is the color of the Gatorade that is dumped on a coach’s head after a victory. In this case, Betcris secured a win, as the majority of the gamblers decided to go with red. Not a bad choice, given the red color of the Chiefs’ uniforms, but Betcris walked away, keeping the handle.

Overall, the NFL saw a 30% increase in gambling activity tied to Super Bowl LIV compared to previous years. Betcris was right there, running stride-for-stride, as its signups increased 24% the day of the big game. The smart money is on Betcris seeing even more positive growth as it continues to provide a transparent, customer-focused gambling platform.